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linkedin roskomnadzor
In order to be unlocked by Roskomnadzor, the social network LinkedIn must locate all personal data of Russian citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation within 6-8 months.About it reports RNS, citing a statement by the head of the Supervisory Department Alexander Zharova.
icq ios
For ICQ users in applications for the iPhone and iPad have the opportunity to handle your photos and videos with the help of neural networks. The photo or video you can send to social networks, any chats or ICQ to share it in the section "History".
authors social networks
Number of writing by Russian authors for November 2016 amounted to 35 million during this period they were generated 698 million messages. To such conclusion experts of the Brand Analytics, conducted another study active audience of social networks in Russia in November 2016. The study included data on social networks VK, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, My space and LiveJournal.
ok video
Social network OK.ru for the year significantly increased the rate of video viewing, reaching 350 million views per day. As reported in the official blog company, OK.ru main the first social network in Russia by the number of video views, average duration of video viewing per user and the total time of viewing.
adwords calls
Google AdWords has announced that the call reports became available in Russia. These reports contain detailed performance statistics and allow you to see what calls lead to valuable conversions.
appmetrica new settings
Team AppMetrica reported on the extension of the tracker settings associated with the policy of attribution. Now the attribution window in AppMetrica is configured separately for each method matching:
ok gaming
Social network OK.ru opens up access to the gaming platform in private messages for third-party developers. As reported in the official blog of the social network of the first Russian game, running through private messages, OK, will be a "Sea Battle" from the company Orange Apps. Also during the month on the platform will be released two more games from French developer LISDWI — "Yahtzee" and PvP game.
instagram comments
Instagram announced the launch of new features aimed at combating offensive behavior in the context of the service.
google site search del
Google has launched a new topics page of the SERPs for keywords related to the winter holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Festivus.
es linkedin microsoft
The European Commission has approved a deal to buy the social network LinkedIn company Microsoft.