Microsoft closed the deal to buy LinkedIn

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Microsoft closed the deal to acquire the social network LinkedIn. About it declared the head of the Corporation Sathya Nadella.

"Today I feel even more enthusiastic about our shared mission and goals, the similarity of our corporate cultures and the benefits that we created for participants of the LinkedIn to help professionals realize new career opportunities and connections in new ways," said head.
Microsoft agreed on buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in June this year. The new acquisition, the largest in the history of the company, will allow it to expand the range of services offered to the business.

Within six months the deal was reviewed by the Antimonopoly bodies of the USA, EU, Canada, Brazil and South Africa. The European Commission has approved the agreement earlier this week.

Since June, the company worked on the integration plan. In the short term, Microsoft plans to implement the following tasks:

  • LinkedIn integration with Microsoft Outlook and MS Office;
  • The launch of LinkedIn notifications in notification Center of Windows;
  • Expanding coverage sponsored content through Microsoft resources;
  • Providing access to the LinkedIn Learning to Office 365 and the Windows ecosystem, and others.
According to Nadella, the main priority for Microsoft is to increase the growth of LinkedIn.
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