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google florida
mobile seo
Website adaptability affects the ranking of pages in mobile and desktop search results.
Outreach (outreach) is part of search engine optimization, does not violate the rules of search engines and has a positive impact on the position of the site in the search results.
non anchor links
The non-anchor link is a link that conveys static weight to the full extent and eliminates manipulation of semantic weight.
conference outsourcing
Outsourcing Forum 2018 is the largest event in the field of IT outsourcing business in Ukraine. In last years 9 conferences for owners and managers of IT outsourcing companies, top managers, representatives of European business associations were held.
gamedev conference
Lviv GameDev Conference - 7th large-scale annual conference for game developers. The event will bring together around 500 participants: indie-developers, GameDev studios, freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, large companies, and developers who want to join GameDev, publishers and investors, game fans and more than 50 speakers.
ai and big data day conference
March 10, 2018. Continuing a tradition, Lemberg Tech Business School will host again Artificial intelligence and Big Data Day conference in Lviv. The event will bring together nearly 350 data scientists, developers, startup entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers, investors and just interested in this area from Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and Eastern Europe. Around 40 experienced speakers will keep a speech there. The conference is devoted to the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence and processing of big data. It is a professional discussion platform that assembles researchers and practitioners who work at the forefronts of mankind opportunities development. This platform has been created in order to combine scientific approach, entrepreneurial skills and engineering talents and to spread the latest knowledge.