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Facebook has identified ten topics that have attracted the most attention of users in 2016.

The main themes of the year are:

  1. The U.S. presidential election
  2. Brazilian politician
  3. Pokemon Go
  4. Black Lives Matter (movement for the advancement of black people)
  5. Presidential elections in the Philippines and Rodrigo Duterte
  6. Olympic games
  7. Pexit (British exit from the EU)
  8. Superbowl
  9. David Bowie
  10. Mohammed Ali
Topics were selected on the basis of their frequency of mentions in posts published from 1 January to 27 November 2016.

The company has also made the top 10 most popular Facebook video Live. It includes:

  1. Candace Payne, Chewbacca Mom (Mother Of Chubaka)
  2. Ted Yoder, Soundscapes (Soundscape)
  3. Buzzed, Countdown to the next presidential election (the countdown to the start of the presidential election)
  4. Atlanta Buzz, People are lining up to hug police officers in Dallas (People lining up to hug the cops in Dallas)
  5. NBC News, Election results (election Results)
  6. Under the Hood, Video of a truck completely carved out of wood (Truck carved out of wood)
  7. Viral Thread, Population count from US to CA (population in the United States and Canada after winning trump)
  8. CNN, Election results on the Empire State building (the election Results on Empire State building)
  9. Dena Blizzard , Pokemon Go for moms "Chardonnay Go" (Pokemon Go to mom "Chardonnay Go")
  10. Super Deluxe, Election map (Map choices).
In addition, this month, many Facebook users see in their news video which will show significant moments for them in 2016. The video can be shared with your friends and family. Users will also be able to find your video on the page facebook.com/yearinreview2016.

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