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Wix SEO Hero Contest

During the period between March 13, 2017 and March 15, 2017 (the "Assessment Period"), each day at 12:00 PM ET (noon), and 08:00 PM ET, Moderator will search the term "SEO HERO" via Google Search. Overall, there will be 6 events of search (the "Search Events").
Till First SEO Hero Search Event

seo hero rankings - new york

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wix seo hero challenge news

Page Speed 88/100
page speed
I have improved the page speed of my SEO Hero site. Mobile Suggestions Summary — 78 / 100. Desktop Suggestions Summary — 88 / 100. Page Speed optimized for user. Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don't load within 3 seconds.
Mobile Friendly 99/100
mobile friendly
The site SEO Hero should be optimized for mobile devices. While the mobile version is not a ranking factor, however, it affects the position of the site. Mobile version increases the time spent on the site. I've been working on updating the site and all pages optimized for mobile devices. Score 99/100 was given it is not easy. However, at this time from any device site is opened and used perfectly.
Preventing the attack
stop hack
Recently, they took place attacks and hacking attempts SEO Hero website. There is a search entry in the Control Panel. Scan to standard errors.
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seo hero competitors

SEO Hero Competitors HTTP/HTTPS
SEO Hero Competitors HTTP HTTPS Chart
SEO Hero Competitors Location
SEO Hero Competitors Location Chart
Gifted SEO Hero

Gifted SEO Hero is a website created by Wix to participate in the contest SEO Hero. Previously the site was called SEO Hero School.

seo hero news site

SEO Hero News is source dedicated to publishing the latest news about search engine industry, digital marketing as well as in-depth articles and how-to's for the SEO and digital marketing experts.

The exact number of participants is not known. The approximate number of participants is 100 +. Participants may be disqualified if the site does not comply with the rules.
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seo hero rules

seo hero wix

11/16 launched a SEO contest called SEO Hero. The initiator of the competition was the company Wix. Participants must follow Google Webmaster Guidelines.

It isn't possible to re-purchase and use an expired domain for the competition. The domain cannot have a domain history prior to its current purchase date. Disqualified sites:

  • SEO Hero Ninja;
  • SEO Zero;
  • Video SEO Hero by Whois Request History;
  • Zero To SEO Hero;
  • SEO Contest Global Warming Awareness.

Basic rules:

  • You must use a white methods like;
  • The domain domain name of site should be new;
  • The site should be new.

During the period between March 13 and March 15 moderator will search the term "SEO HERO" via Google. There will be 6 events of search (the "Search Events"):

  • march 13, 12:00
  • march 13, 20:00
  • march 14, 12:00
  • march 14, 20:00
  • march 15, 12:00
  • march 15, 20:00

seo hero extension

SEO Hero Google Chrome Extension

SEO Hero extension it's small addition for browser Google Chrome which allows you to follow new publications and to open interesting materials according to your taste. Digital indicator on the extension icon notifies about new materials on the site.

The extension could be downloaded by following link on the official site Google — SEO Hero extension

Use SEO Hero extension for FREE

The basic SEO requirements for page/document promoted site
Here are the list of the most important SEO requirements that must be followed in each optimized page on the site. Requirements are also useful as a SEO guide for the developers of website, which will be optimized.
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SEO checklist
During ranking search engines rely on many factors. There are more than 50 ones among them which are exclusively responsible for textual content of the page and some mixed which are responsible for the text and anchors of incoming links, etc. Text adjustment — is one of the key methods that should be uses by the optimizer in his work to reach quick results of resource optimization. In this way, text optimization should be paid special attention.
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The main criteria for the optimization of page
Search engines when ranking based on many factors. Among them there are more than 50 exclusively responsible for textual contents of the page and a number of mixed (responsible for the text and anchor text of incoming links, etc.). The adjustment of the text — is one of the key methods that need to use the optimizer in their work to obtain quick returns from resource optimization. In this regard, text optimization should be given special attention.
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