The number of video views and reached 350 million a day

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Social network for the year significantly increased the rate of video viewing, reaching 350 million views per day. As reported in the official blog company, main the first social network in Russia by the number of video views, average duration of video viewing per user and the total time of viewing.

For the year growth in video views and was 51% (1.8 million in 2015 from 2.8 million in 2016). The total duration of viewing has grown on 63% (7 023 million minutes in 2015, versus 11 437 million minutes in 2016). The number of videos on a user – by 37% year-on-year (70,3 video per user in 2015, against 96.1 per video per user in 2016).

According to internal statistics, the social network with more than 48% of users of OK watch the video via mobile devices, the share of Android users is about 30%. Most popular video – video short custom categories such as "entertainment", "kids", "education" and "ideas for life". The social network also broadcast live, including Russian and foreign TV channels. During the year, the number of views that a direct transmission has increased by 30%.

Marina Krasnova, head of video project

"Over the past two years we have doubled the video views, launched a streaming app OKLive app for Smart TV, a fully updated video players on mobile platforms and added support for Chromecast and Apple TV. is no longer just a social network, but also leading videoplaza Runet. Such dynamics became possible thanks to the launch of new products and services and improving the user experience on mobile platforms".
We will remind also that in August of 2016 launched auto play for video in the mobile news feeds. So while browsing the feed, users do not need to do additional actions to start video: when released into the viewable area of the screen of the mobile rollers automatically start "without sound".
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