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Inpage ranking factors are the main activities of optimizer, which determines the functionality, the Inpage formation of the site and the possibility of achieving high-level positions of pages in search engine result page.

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Internal Link

Internal link is a hyperlink on a website leading to another page of the same resource. All the internal links form the internal link graph of the site.

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Unique address of a computer (server) in local network or Internet network, consisting of four integers (0 to 255 in decimal) separated by dots, e.g. The numeric form of the address is used by computers, to humans, a numeric address is inconvenient, so it replaces the domain name.

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JavaScript (abbreviated JS) is a programming language designed for use in browsers with the goal of do the web pages effectively. JS is ECMAScript revision.

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Keyword Density

Keyword Density is the number of occurrences on the page of key words to total words in the page text which is calculated in percentage.

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To indicate keywords used the keywords meta tag, which contains all key words or phrases. Keywords Meta tag designed specifically for search engines. Proper use of key words or phrases necessary for the successful promotion of the Internet resource. Key phrases should only include those that are on the web page. It is important to remember the basic principles of content tag:

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Lead — this is the action in internet marketing, which bind the chain of the advertiser client, to increase consumer demand. An advertiser places ads on the network in two formats:

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Lesting level

The nesting level is determined by the distance of the page from the main website. The path is measured by the number of clicks that makes the visitor to navigate to the desired section.

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LF indicates low-frequency keyword phrases that are a low frequency queried in the search engines.

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Link - a link on the website which is more correctly called a hyperlink. Any reference in the HTML document has an opening and closing tag, as well as a number of attributes, each of which has its own purpose.

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