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SEO Terms — 9

Link Baiting

Linkbaiting is content writing on the website to force receive different kinds of links to your site. Well-known marketer Matt Cutts gave a definition that linkbaiting can be called all that is interesting and will attract more audience to the website. Recently, this marketing method is gaining momentum and is becoming a popular and powerful form among marketers. The content of linkbaiting can log all that it can to attract the attention of users: graphical slides, colorful images and video, and various audio.

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Link bomb

Link bomb – results of links, not corresponding to the requested description. Pretty funny to have link bomb for someone who is trying to trick or make fun of a person, company or brand, but it is unpleasant and, at times, humiliating for one over another joke.

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In the process of promoting and optimizing websites used by a large number of methods to achieve the desired result. One of these methods is link building. Link building (eng. link – link building – construction) is the creation of external references that are used for website promotion.

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Link Building

Link building is a term meaning the process of placing backlinks for a website. 

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Linking – organization of the link graph between documents or websites to implement navigation, Link Juice or weight transfer, increase the involvement of the visitor and for other goals.

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Link Juice

Link Juice is the weight transmitted by the link-page to site acceptor. Link juice is one of the factors of ranking in any search engine. Due to the presence of this factor and there is such a profession as SEO specialist or an optimizer.

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If in response to some event, the program adds entries to a file, typically identifying the event and its source, then this file is called a log file. Possible sources of events:

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Long Read

This is the page with lots of content (mainly text) and long scrolling.

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Long Tail

Long Tail keywords is a search requests with low demand. Long Tail keywords consist of several words or phrases. Basically, these queries are selected according to the principle: one page – one request. Long Tail keywords can bring the site up to 1,000 users per month.

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Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is an algorithm search engines to analyze the web pages that takes into account not only key words/phrases on the page, but the presence of their synonyms, and words that are related thematically request. The algorithm is intended to in the top of issuance was the most relevant documents.

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