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IP-address term explained

Unique address of a computer (server) in local network or Internet network, consisting of four integers (0 to 255 in decimal) separated by dots, e.g. The numeric form of the address is used by computers, to humans, a numeric address is inconvenient, so it replaces the domain name.

In the hex representation of ip address is eight octets, where each octet is a hexadecimal number from 0 to F, the beginning is considered to be the right part.

For SEO ip-address is one of the key points, as a search engine, it is easy to determine which sites have the same ip and, consequently, to know the true owners of a network of sites for search engines is easy. When creating satellites, you need each site to assign a private ip address for safety and long-term effectiveness of the satellite.

Not all hosters allocate one ip address for one site, but place hundreds of sites on the same address, which is not always acceptable for SEOs.

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