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Link term explained

Link - a link on the website which is more correctly called a hyperlink. Any reference in the HTML document has an opening and closing tag, as well as a number of attributes, each of which has its own purpose.

<a href="http://seoheronews.com/seo-glossary target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="SEO Gloassary">SEO Glossary</a>

Some important parameters of the link:

  •  Link address (URL). Is specified in the href attribute. 
  •  Anchor. An anchor is the text located between the opening and closing tag a. 
  • Title. The title attribute 
  • rel=nofollow. prohibits the transfer of weight through the link. 

The links are divided into external, which refer to external resources and internal referencing to other pages within the same domain or subdomain.

Links distribute quality defined by the number of transferred weight. The quality of links is influenced by the location link in the document, the attribute rel=nofollow for Google.

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