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Inpage term explained

Inpage ranking factors are the main activities of optimizer, which determines the functionality, the Inpage formation of the site and the possibility of achieving high-level positions of pages in search engine result page.

Ranking factors

The basic features of successful ranking are:

  • The keyword placed in your title tags, displayed in the search engines in the page header;
  • Keyword in URL format;
  • Quality density of keywords is in the range of 3-7 %;
  • Active use of tags h1, h2, table, ul, images;
  • Key words are clearly defined in the meta tags and adequate to the requirements of indexing most search engines;
  • The content meets the requirements of uniqueness;
  • Data are updated systematically.

There are other reasons for the impact on those or other parameters (age of the resource, a domain level, etc), but they are more important in the local development plan website.

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