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SEO Terms — 7


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a special Protocol that is designed to exchange data in computer networks, it was created long before the advent of HTTP in 1975.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics developed by Google Analytics tool for tracking user behavior on the website. Designed for webmasters and SEOs. It makes sense to convince the webmasters to promote the website is to register a Google Analytics account. Moreover, there is nothing difficult to connect to Google Analytics.

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Googloid it called ordinary person employee of Google Web Search Engine Team, search engine employees often communicate in forums, meet and organize various conferences to explain the principles of white hat search engine optimization of site.

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Header means hat, top. This is the upper part of the site that the user sees, when comes to the page. It can be separated by feature or have a color different from that of the main block.

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HF (high frequency search keywords) is the most requested word (words, phrases) in your theme (most popular keywords). Usually high frequency queries are the key phrases of one word, like seo or blog. In different subjects the number of queries of certain HF can vary from thousands to several tens and even hundreds of thousands.

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HTML is HyperText Markup Language is the markup language of websites. Unlike PHP, this language is read (interpreted) by the browser. The latest version of HTML to date is HTML 5. Files containing HTML markup have the extension .htm or .html. Such files are opened by any modern browser.

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HTTP is an abbreviated acronym from the English expression Hyper Text Transfer Protocol represents one of the types of information protocols that are used in web programming. This Protocol is designed to create the required high-speed exchange of data between the user, the server and the information provider.

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Index - search engine database that contains documents and settings which is created for storing documents on the Internet and use for search for various keywords.

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Indexing — is a database search system that is going robotic spiders and contains information about all known Internet resources in the form of text and multimedia structure. The process of making a website into a database is called indexing.

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Index Page

Index page is called home page. Index page it is the most important part and should be the most informative. 

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