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SEO Terms — 2


Black List (BL) is a list of sites the purchase of external links which lowers the position of the promoted site in search engines. 

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Black Hat SEO

For fast promotion of the website as close to the top of the list of search results without spending a significant amount, some web sites use the so-called black methods of optimization.

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Blogger — blog owner conducting the promotion, content and development of the blog.

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Blogosphere is the totality of all blogs. A lot of blogs, and the blogosphere is one for all.

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Bonding sites

Consolidation of several sites which usually mirrors to one site in the search index that is called bonding sites and is one of the key points in SEO. Bonding site can be by automated algorithms of search engines, due to the decision of the moderators of the search engines and by the request of the owner of the sites.

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Bot (from robot) is a robot search engine, which scans websites, indexing their content. This is an automated script running on a regular schedule.

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Breadcrumbs is part of the navigation on the website that shows part of the structure and nesting of the page on which the user is located. Often, the bread crumbs look like a path from website root to the current viewed document.

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Web browser is application software used for browsing web pages, computer files, catalogs. Using this software, you can manipulate a web application to view the contents of web documents and to solve problems. Many browsers are used to exchange files with servers

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The term bug has roots in american slang - bag, which means a defect or deficiency in the equipment. In SEO and web development is a defect in the site or some sort of algorithm.

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Buying Links

Buying links in SEO is the placement at the site of the owner of the website inbound links for a fee (fixed or monthly) for SEO goals.

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