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Blogosphere term explained

Blogosphere is the totality of all blogs. A lot of blogs, and the blogosphere is one for all.

The blogosphere is a source of information.

The phenomenon. The blogosphere is self-born, virtually controlled and independent information space.

We know that the first blog appeared in 1994. To date, the number of blogs exceeds 133 million

Ethics in the blogosphere

This is the rules:

  • The accuracy of the information published;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Moral principles;
  • Standards.


The blogosphere is developing rapidly due to:

  • The lack of censorship;
  • Speed the dissemination of information;
  • A large number of sources;
  • Anonymity.

The blogosphere in society. There are two popular opinions about the impact of blogosphere on society:

  • Mitigating social tensions;
  • The radicalization of social processes. (No possibility of control over the information that may be incorrect or distorted).
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