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Bug term explained

The term bug has roots in american slang - bag, which means a defect or deficiency in the equipment. In SEO and web development is a defect in the site or some sort of algorithm.

Examples of the use of bug in the communication:

  • Found a dozen of bugs on the website. Means that someone found a critical failure that must be rectified immediately.
  • In Yandex big bug in the results when you type tags into the search form. This means that the search algorithm of Yandex had a bad reaction to the user's query and gave unexpected results.
  • BuggyContent Management System. Means that the CMS is to create a website (blog, forum) is full of faults and its use is not recommended.

By size, bugs are divided into three types:

  • Minor bugs.
  • Serious error.
  • Showstoppers.

Regarding the frequency of its appearance bugs are divided into:

  • permanent;
  • episodic;
  • those that appear only on the client machine.
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