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Cache — a portion of computer memory allocated for quick access to frequently requested information from the core, but slower memory.

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Captcha is a code that often you need to enter in forms when registering a new account on the services or add to the website any material by guests. The reduction originates from Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

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Click fraud

Clickfraud is a set of activities in which clicks on any advertising link are performed by a person (or persons) who are not interested in the presented product (service).

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Method of black hat search engine optimization of the site when visitors and search engines at the same address see different content on the page.

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CMS (Content Management System) is special software, which is necessary for the creation content, content control, organization structure and editing of the website.

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The ratio of the number of visitors to the site who commits any targeted action to the total number of visitors is called conversion. Targeted actions may include: check-in service, call, buy (order) product, newsletter subscription, add the site to your bookmarks, file downloading, etc.

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Cookies (Cookies) is a tool to remember previously visited web sites. Created solely for the convenience of users of the Internet. Using Cookies, sites personification, collecting attendance statistics, and providing a variety of preferences, even to the choice of design.

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Copyright — form of protection of intellectual property, which occurs immediately after the creation of the work and does not require official registration or registration. In other words, what is copyright is the recognition of a copyright in their work, whether it is text, melody, program, photograph, painting, etc. In the United States are given the opportunity to register their rights to property. Copyright does not cover ideas, directories, processes, principles, etc.

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CPA (Cost Per Action) — a popular payment model of online advertising, the compensation is paid only for certain actions of visitors to the sites of advertisers, such as new user registration, loan through the web, buying in Internet shops, watching videos etc.

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CPC (cost per click) - is the amount that is paid for user clicks on paid search, after which a visitor reaches the advertised web resource or one of its pages.

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