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Buying Links term explained

Buying links in SEO is the placement at the site of the owner of the website inbound links for a fee (fixed or monthly) for SEO goals.

The process of buying links is a search and contact the owners of specific resources, which in the opinion of the optimizer is advantageous to place the external link to up site on the desired keyword in the search engine results.

Search webmasters can be done in various ways:

  • through thematic directories; 
  • search by a particular key; 
  • via the link exchanges; 
  • through friends and acquaintances; 
  • via forums, social networks and other thematic groups.

Links is an integral part of website promotion.

The link price will depend on different factors. Basically these factors are: the number of external links on the page where will be placed link and the page rank indicators or traffic.

Buying links normally occur for SEO goals, that is for search bots but not users. Good links my attract a very large number of target audience to your resource.

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