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Breadcrumbs term explained

Breadcrumbs is part of the navigation on the website that shows part of the structure and nesting of the page on which the user is located. Often, the bread crumbs look like a path from website root to the current viewed document.

Where are the bread crumbs use. Navigation of this type is not always used. Site owners with a convenient, clear structure and good navigation menu often does not put them or don't even know what bread crumbs. Such sites may have a small number of pages or well-structured sections. If any page of the site accessible in two clicks from the homepage – breadcrumbs are not required.

Yet, often bread crumbs are used on:

  • Online stores.
  • Forums.
  • Websites with poor navigation (when the navigation bar has all the links to the sections or in the footer).
  • Sites without a map.

Site map often replaces breadcrumbs, if it is properly designed (I mean the html map, not the file sitemap.xml for search engines). This page should have links to all major sections that will allow the user to easily navigate and search for information.

On forums and online stores bread crumbs – a mandatory attribute.

Usually breadcrumbs are placed in the block of content below the header and before displaying page content. In that location breadcrumbs are the most visible and convenient. Less crumbs are located at the end of the output content before the reviews.

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