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SEO Terms — 1

Affiliate program

The desire to obtain maximum profit from creating your own website is quite natural, and one of the ways to increase the yield from a web resource can become the affiliate program.

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Alias means synonym an additional domain name that will link to the same website. Alias is the domain the website in addition to the existing name.

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Alt tags – a text description of the contents of the graphic. It is used to enhance user experience on site. Because some users disable the display of graphics, the Alt text appears instead of pictures, let them know about the description of the object or its contents. This information is also displayed when you hover the cursor over graphical elements.

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The anchor text is the link text that is located between the opening and closing tags <a> and </a>. 

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The expert evaluates the relevance of search results by several criteria and using a special panel to save the results, has the position of assessor search engines.

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Authorization - checks carried out by a computer system or website to identify the user prior to receiving access rights to the system or the Internet source.

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Avatar – a graphical image used in forums, games, websites, etc.

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Backlinks is a link on another website that leads to any page of your site and affects its popularity.

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The ban is off site from the search index due to the inconsistency of rules or accidental loss of the website due to the glitches of the search engine (the second is fairly rare).

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Bid is the maximum price you are willing to pay the advertiser for a click on their advertising (or Cost Per Millenium) bid is called. Bids come from Internet auctions, where each participant offers a price in order to obtain the desired result. In advertising this result allows the advertiser to be above the rest and thus have a great CTR on your ad.

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