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Bonding sites term explained

Consolidation of several sites which usually mirrors to one site in the search index that is called bonding sites and is one of the key points in SEO. Bonding site can be by automated algorithms of search engines, due to the decision of the moderators of the search engines and by the request of the owner of the sites.

The site owner is interested in joining for sites in the following cases:

  • If need to leave in search results just one of the sites with www or without www. This is usually done via a 301-redirect.
  • There are several websites mirrors and the advantage of one of them should be transferred to another.
  • To hide backli from the competition by promoting non-main mirror or hedging in the event of non-payment by the customer of the work to promote the site.

To glue any two of the website in Google, you can use the file robots.txt include directive the Host at the end of the file.

For Google and other search engines you need to use a 301 redirect. Automatic causes unexpected bonding sites:

  • The sites are identical to each other and the search engine found them mirrors;
  • The search engine is considered two or more sites for affiliate site one owner. This usually only happens with Internet shops and commercial sites;
  • Due to the duplicate content pages. The results will show only more reputable website or source, other sites go under filter duplicate content, and it feels like the pages are stuck together.

For display, you must ensure that in file robots.txt set host directive and sites have different content.

Check out sites on the glue in different ways, depending on the interested search engines. Google has a search operator info.

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