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Black Hat SEO term explained

For fast promotion of the website as close to the top of the list of search results without spending a significant amount, some web sites use the so-called black methods of optimization.

Black optimization methods illegal. For them using the search engines put on the website penalties.

Master list of black optimization methods as follows:

  • A single-pixel image. In Black SEO image contains an ALT tag, so search engines can index the image. By itself, this tag is designed to index content. Another thing is that a single-pixel picture neither has absolutely no substance. It is designed to fraudulently increase the visibility of the website. Also it may contain the links. The number of links for search engines increases the importance of the site for search engine system like Google;
  • Redirect. Black SEO use 301 to increase the importance of the site due to the popularity of the other domain. The redirect virus is designed to automatically redirect the visitor to a specified resource;
  • Not the visible text. The task of this method to place in a larger number of links and key phrases. Key phrases and links thoroughly cloaked or very small font or use the font color matching the background of the page;
  • Cloaking. Knowing the crawler crawlers IP address, when trying to index content robot immediately changes content.The method to create two versions of your web pages. One for search engine, complying with all requirements. Another page with great content links for the visitor;
  • The swapping. Create a website useful to users. With the help of legal methods to optimize a website moves up in the list of the search results. As soon as the website was at the top, the content is replaced with content that contains a huge number of links;
  • Doorways. These are the sites which have one page. Generated in large quantity. The purpose of the website automatically redirect the visitor to develop a website optimizer.This way creates the false credibility of the site;
  • Private blog networks. It creates a large number of sites with different subject content. All these sites are connected by links, which as a result raises their credibility.

Google against Black Hats

Search engines are trying to prevent the promotion of sites that are rising due to the above-mentioned methods. Such sites are quickly calculated and removed from the list of search engine on specific time or forever.

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