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google security report
Google published a report about Internet security for the year 2016. According to the company, last year the number of hacked websites increased by 32% in comparison with 2015. In addition, in the foreseeable future this trend is unlikely to slow down.
google jpeg
Google presented a new image compression algorithm called Guetzli. Algorithm allows to reduce the size of JPEG files up to 35% without loss of quality.
google exact match
Google AdWords announced about upcoming changes in the exact match. In the coming months the match close variants will be expanded to include different word order. The changes also will affect the function keywords in queries.
google uk ads
Google decided to make changes in advertising policy. This happened after several major brands withdrew their ads from the platform because they were placed on pages with inappropriate content – video with propaganda of terrorism and anti-Semitism. About it reports Bloomberg.
seo hero winner
The winner of the SEO Hero contest will be announced on March 30. This was stated by Wix in the official Twitter account.
seohero sempro
Site SEOHero NEWS has become a partner of the SEMPRO conference.
More than 200 sites took part in the SEO Hero contest. Applicants for the victory:
seo hero ddos
During the SEO Hero competition, there were 4 DDoS attacks on the site SEOHero NEWS. Attack was conducted to our server on The attack data is stored on the data center server.
google vulcano
Google Street View has given users the ability to look into the crater of an active volcano on the Ambrym island in the Pacific country of Vanuatu. About it reported in a company blog.
google assistant ad
Owners of the Google Home say that they heard the advertisement of the movie Beauty and The Beast. This they said on the forum Reddit.