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google update fred
Google spokesman Gary Illyes confirmed the launch of a new update of the search algorithm that foreign webmasters called Fred. Update took place on 7-8 March.
google 360
Google employer John Mueller explain how 360 images indexing.
google test pla
English-speaking users have noticed that Google is testing larger product listings in search results. About it reports Search Engine Roundtable.
google photo app
TechCrunch revealed that Google is working on a new social app. With it, users can jointly edit and organize photos.
google flights
Google Flights launched the sale of tickets for high-speed trains. Now the users of the service can searching tickets not only for aviation, but also for rail carriers.
apps google play
Google Play remains the most secure service to download applications on Android. In 2016 the installation of potentially dangerous applications decreased in almost every category. About it is reported in the annual Google report about the security of the Android OS.
google share
Soon users of Google Maps for iOS and Android will be able to share location and itineraries with other people. About it reported in a company blog.
google mobile change
At the conference SMX Advanced Google spokesman Gary Illyes shared new details about the launch of a mobile-first index.
google forum
Some webmasters fear that the presence of the forum on the website can have a negative impact on the positions in Google. For this reason, many even close their forums or block them from search engines.
google owner
Google My Business launched a new feature that will allow you to begin the process of confirmation of rights to the account if contacting a previous owner is impossible.