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google mobile change
At the conference SMX Advanced Google spokesman Gary Illyes shared new details about the launch of a mobile-first index.
google forum
Some webmasters fear that the presence of the forum on the website can have a negative impact on the positions in Google. For this reason, many even close their forums or block them from search engines.
google owner
Google My Business launched a new feature that will allow you to begin the process of confirmation of rights to the account if contacting a previous owner is impossible.
posts on google
Google expanded access to the functions of the Posts on Google that allows you to publish content directly in the search results. Now to use it will be able organizations and celebrities.
youtube metrics
YouTube decided to restore order in the advertising metrics. YouTube will focus on three key metrics: unique coverage, time of viewing and audibility. About it reports Ad Age.
google shortcuts
Google announced about the launch of shortcuts to get quick answers for the most frequent search queries about the weather, sports and entertainment. A new feature will appear in mobile search and apps for iOS and Android. First it will get access to U.S. users.
google ads controls
Google announced new tools for control over places of advertisement. Optionswill allow advertisers to adjust, where ads might appear and where not.
google image search
Last week some users noticed that Google search results for images missing action buttons: On page, Full size, Save, etc.
foursquare offline
Foursquare announced about the launch of Foursquare Analytics platform for brands and retailers, which allows to analyze the attendance and audience of offline stores.
google ad videos
The head of the European office of Google Matt Silent apology to the advertisers that their ads were shown before extremist videos on YouTube. About it reports the Financial Times.