3 key advertising metrics of YouTube

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YouTube decided to restore order in the advertising metrics. YouTube will focus on three key metrics: unique coverage, time of viewing and audibility. About it reports Ad Age.

YouTube believes that these metrics provide a complete understanding of how effective advertising campaign. They will now be included in reports provided to marketers.

The company wants to help marketers understand what really matters, said the managing Director of YouTube Debbie Weinstein.

  • Unique coverage shows how many users saw the ads;
  • View time – how many seconds were spent on ad in General and on average;
  • Audibility – how often the video starts with sound.

According to YouTube, 60% of videos are viewed on mobile devices. 95% of them – with the included sound.

Previously, that last week several major advertisers withdrew their ads from the Google Display Network and YouTube, because ad showed befeore promoting terrorism content.

In response to the boycott the company brought their apologies and announced new tools for control places of advertisement. They will allow advertisers to adjust, where can show their ads and where not.

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