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facebook updated
Facebook updated the news feed algorithm by adding new signals. Now the ranking will take into account the relevance and authenticity of publications. This innovation is another step in the fight against fake news.
adwords new interface
Google AdWords expands testing of the new interface. In the coming months, access to the alpha version of the UI will get even more advertisers. About it said the Vice-President of AdWords products, Jerry Disler (Jerry Dischler).
google image search
Google has launched the API for the checking optimize for mobile tool (Mobile-Friendly Test). Now developers will be able to create their own services to check pages for the friendliness to mobile devices.
vk location
Team VK announced about the update of location-based advertising. Now, when you configure ads to available several user categories, which are:
zuckerberg trump
Former head of music partnerships YouTube and Google Play Tamara Hrivnyak took the post of Director of music licensing in Facebook. About it it is reported on his page in the social network.
maps me
The team MAPS.ME reported about the release of the updated mobile app service for iOS and Android with new smart search.
google new labels
Google intends to transfer approximately $4 billion for assistance to migrants. For this intent, the company has created the largest for all history of its existence the Charitable Foundation. This step was a response to the decision of the President of the United States to introduce a temporary ban on the entry of refugees and citizens from the Middle East and Africa.
robotstxt fail
I want to share with you a bug that I have decided, however, the problem is an interesting. The problem was discovered through a special tool site analysis. Bug was in robots.txt.
bing webmaster
Typically, a main site analysis tool is tool by the number one search engine in world - Google. Tool - Google Webmaster Toosl. But, besides the basic tools to properly use a third-party-effective solutions. For example, I use Bing Webmaster Tools. After registering on the site displayed a message with general information.
marketing b2b
In December 2016, expenses of advertisers for attracting new users to mobile games and apps has decreased. It is stated in the report Fiksu.