SEO Hero conference 2017

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SEO Hero is dedicated to publishing the latest news about search engine industry, digital marketing as well as in-depth articles and how-to's for the SEO and digital marketing experts.

After the competition I plan to hold a conference about the results. What you think about it?

I plan to hold an event in my city. Tell about the technology.

SEO Hero is a project created for communication SEO-professionals and beginners to improve the quality of their work. We are creating a platform for the development of the SEO industry in the US and countries around the world as a whole.

Our tasks:

  • To create a friendly atmosphere and an environment conducive to a comfortable exchange of information, as well as the latest innovations in the field of SEO. If desired, the communication can take place on an anonymous basis and include the selection of its members.
  • Provide information that you can apply in practice.
  • To give community members the answers to all the questions that have arisen in the course of the discussion a specific theme of the event.
seo hero conference
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