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CTI (Click-To-Interest) – a numerical coefficient that shows the effectiveness of Internet advertising.

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CTR is click-through rate. This is an indicator that expresses the ratio of the number of clicks (on ads or banners) and the number of impressions presented in percentages. CTR is used in the field of online advertising to evaluate its effectiveness.

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Cybersquatter – specialist, which registers itself to domain names with the purpose of selling them in the future to interested parties. This kind of earnings is called cybersquatting.

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Description – the name of the meta tag containing a short description of the HTML document. Meta tag used by search engines for processing the search results.

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DMP (data management platform) is a piece of software that is used to store, organize, and analyze data created for promotional marketing as a tool to determine the required target audience.

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Domain name

A Domain name is the name of any site. Thanks to the domain names you can easily remember the site address.

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Doorway is an html page generated by the optimizer with the sole purpose to redirect users to another resource.

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Site down means the absence of any response from the server on which the site resides. The term means that the server was down or turned it off or overloaded with D-DOS attacks so that the server via IP address does not ping.

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Dumped rank

Dumped rank is a special index used by Google search to calculate the PageRank weight of a page of a web document.

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Duplicate Content

Denotes a non-unique, already existing (copied) content. Search engines do not want to index duplicate content, for example, user friendly page for printing can be quite unfriendly for search engines.

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