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Cost per mille or abbreviation CPM is an index that is used to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and shows the cost of thousands of contacts audience (listeners, readers or viewers).

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CPS – an abbreviated acronym for Cost Per Sale. In SEO under this abbreviation refers to the advertising model when the website owner to be paying for the posted link, which was used by the user when performing a certain action. Also for term CPS, can be caleld PPS – Pay per Sale.

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CPV is Cost Per Visitor.CPS is one of the methods of calculation in online advertising. Is method where payment to the webmaster is made depending on the number of attracted to the advertiser's site visitors.

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Crawling Budget

Crawling budget combines the scan speed and crawling demand. In Google under crawling budget understand the number of URLS that Googlebot is willing and able to scan.

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Crawling Demand

Crawling demand is the amount of pages that Google wants to scan. This figure is based on:

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Cross-browser compatibility — inherent site characteristic, implying its correct display in all popular browsers or compatibility of your website with client applications.

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Cross-link or is the through link which is located on every page of a site . Cross-link unlike a normal link have a different effect on the acceptor. Usually this effect is below links from index page, but the above links from inner pages of the website.

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Crossposting is a process parallel placement of the material (themes, articles, links, etc) on various resources, either on different pages of the same resource. The main purpose of crossposting is to expand the audience of this web resource, including for the account of the users who are convenient to study material through the social network to which they are accustomed.

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CSS (an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets – cascading style sheets) is a set of descriptions of HTML elements (HTML tags). They can be applied not only to an individual element, but also to all identical tags on all pages of your website. CSS is a Supplement to HTML, which significantly expands its capabilities.

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CTB (click to buy ratio) - is the ratio of a certain number of visitors to take any action on the site to the total number of visitors.

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