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CTR term explained

CTR is click-through rate. This is an indicator that expresses the ratio of the number of clicks (on ads or banners) and the number of impressions presented in percentages. CTR is used in the field of online advertising to evaluate its effectiveness.

The highest CTR provides contextual advertising in search engines displayed depending on the user-entered query.

CTR is a ratio which means a ratio of clicks on the ad unit to the number of its displays and is always expressed in percent. Simply put, if the ad is viewed 100 times and one visitor clicked on the ad, the clickthrough rate of the ad unit will be 1%.

When composing ads it is important to consider the following indicators:

  • Popularity among visitors to the promoted product or service;
  • The popularity of the topics;
  • The size of the ad unit in pixels;
  • The 'weight' of the banner in kilobytes;
  • What is the format chosen for ads (flash, gif);
  • The period of time when the banner is displayed;
  • The quality of the banner;
  • Page resource, where the advertising is broadcast;
  • Location of advertising on the site;
  • The contrast of the ad unit against the background of the site.

CTR coefficient is inextricably linked with this concept in Internet marketing, as CR (Conversion Rate). This indicator gives an idea of how many visitors made a purchase, and not only clicked on ads.

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