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SEO Terms — 6


EMD is an abbreviation for Exact Match Domain that means the exact match key phrase in the domain. In terms of SEO means the occurrence of key words or multiple words in a domain name (with or without hyphen). For example, for the query "new york seo" EMD domains will be:

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Encoding is a map between numeric number of characters (numbers, letters, symbols and other special characters). The most common encodings are considered in conjunction with the ASCII Unicode UTF-8 and Windows-1251. The content encoding is a special meta tag, which sets a type code for pages.

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External factors

External factors are factors which do not depend on the considered resource. This type of factors are external links, their parameters and the parameters of their donor, for example:

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Fake News

Fake News - term refers to the content, means false and/or misleading information .

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FAQ — an acronym, that mean Frequently Asked Question.

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The search engine robot, after coming to the website page of which result instantly appears in the results on a number of key queries.

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A Favicon (abbr. from FAVorite ICON — favorites icon, which received its name from the corresponding directory in Microsoft Internet Explorer) is a small site icon (icon) in a special format that is displayed by browsers before the page URL in the address bar, on the taskbar, in the visitor log, on next to a tab, or other interface elements. In addition, a separate search system displays the favicons in the search results. Use a favicon improves the awareness of visitors and, consequently, to increase CTR.

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Same as the firewall is a special software for secure network connections. Has the ability to restrict incoming and/or outgoing traffic on a number of conditions. Regarding SEO and web sites, a firewall blocks unwanted connections from the outside, such as connections by robots or other spam bots, increasing the load on the server.

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Footer (from the foot, footer – footer) represents the lower part of the site where most are contact details. Also, the footer could contain:

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Framework is a term used in programming the set of code tools or code to develop the control system of site.

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