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Dumped rank term explained

Dumped rank is a special index used by Google search to calculate the PageRank weight of a page of a web document.

While surfing on the Internet, the user begins viewing the web space with any random page. The further path on the Internet the user can continue either by clicking on the link located on this page or random page. The likelihood that people will click on the link, Google takes 0.85 on the assumption that all of the links on this page are equal. This value is constant for all subsequent transitions.

Thus the Google PageRank of a page represents only the probability that the user will be. Great PR – most likely, many users can be on this page. Little PR – alas, this document is likely to read a few. By the way, this is to some extent refutes prevailing in the environment of IT specialists stereotypes. The fact that in considering the question strictly formal, web-documents with zero PR does not exist.

The conceptual principle of counting the PageRank of this specific page summation of PR of all pages linking to a given web document. However, for the summation is taken not pure numeric values PR of the pages involved in the calculation. First, the weight of each page is equally divided by the number of all external links that are installed on it. And second, is multiplied by the same coefficient Dumped rank, because there is always the possibility that in this step, the user can interrupt the links and start surfing random pages. This is the meaning of Dumped rank. Which is why it is the default value of 0.85.

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