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DMP term explained

DMP (data management platform) is a piece of software that is used to store, organize, and analyze data created for promotional marketing as a tool to determine the required target audience.

In a simple sense, the DMP is a management process maintained and systematized materials. Using the platform, you can identify and allocate the necessary segments, and it is advantageous to make the advertising. The difference between DMP and DSP (demand side platform) that are used for storage and analysis of materials, while DSP is used to actually buy advertising based on this information.

Agencies, publishers and marketers work with DMP. Agencies turn to DMP for collection and analysis of data gathered from client campaigns. And subsequently the creation of extensive and rich data sets. Today, in an attempt to take greater control over their own databases, some customers have begun the process of licensing its technologies and manage a DMP yourself. Meanwhile, an increasing number of publishers are resorting to these platforms. After all, it allows you to better understand the demand for the product, the audience reading and to benefit more as result.

The use of DMP – not only saves time, money and potential is the most profitable to play a role, this is the tool without which the contemporary marketing in the conditions of tough competition, just can't do.

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