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seo hero ddos
During the SEO Hero competition, there were 4 DDoS attacks on the site SEOHero NEWS. Attack was conducted to our server on The attack data is stored on the data center server.
google vulcano
Google Street View has given users the ability to look into the crater of an active volcano on the Ambrym island in the Pacific country of Vanuatu. About it reported in a company blog.
google assistant ad
Owners of the Google Home say that they heard the advertisement of the movie Beauty and The Beast. This they said on the forum Reddit.
google partners rules
Google updated the rules of Google Partners. Now they would sanction for misrepresentation. In particular, for providing false information about the company and services, and statements about the possibilities of Google products.
eu google facebook twitter
EU authorities accused Google, Facebook and Twitter in violation of the rights of consumers. The company received a month to the enforcement of the rules of their services into line with European legislation. Otherwise, they could face fines, writes Reuters.
youtube annotations
YouTube announced that on 2 may 2017 to support the annotation editor will be terminated.
family link
Google introduced a new app Family Link. With it, parents can monitor how kids use their Android device.
Press release about our informational partner.
google chrome data
Stone Temple Consulting agency shared the results of a new research. It was intended to find out whether the data Google Chrome browser to identify the new URL.
adwords location
Google AdWords has launched a new ad format - ad locations. About it is reported on the service's page in Google+.