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seo hero mozilla
Now the SEO Hero addon is on the official website Mozilla. You can install SEO Hero addon for Firefox from the official Mozilla website — SEO Hero for Firefox.
google china
Search engine Google scholar is in the list of priority services to unlock in China. About it reports The South China Morning Post, citing a member of the ruling party and the former head of the State administration of press and print of the China, Liu Binjie.
placeit 3
Anand Behere, Developer Community Manager announced that the application has been tested and added to the platform Mobango.
seo hero links
Links are placed on the sites of all participants. But, there are two types of links:
viber secret chats
Viber users got the ability to create secret chats that will self-destruct after a specified period of time.
ok support messenger
Team social network OK announced about the launch of a chat with a customer service representative through the service messages.
google missing data
Overseas webmasters noticed that in the report 'Analysis of search queries' in Google Search Console has no data for 9 March 2017.
google hq
Last week, the city Council of Mountain View has approved Google's plan to build a new headquarters in Silicon valley, according to Cnet.
hangouts chat meet
Google Hangouts divided into two new enterprise service – Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. About this informed the head of Hangouts Scott Johnston in a blog of the company.
google test video
Google testing carousel for videos in the search results on desktops. Innovation noticed Peter Meyers from Moz.