Google may add advertising in Assistant

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Owners of the Google Home say that they heard the advertisement of the movie Beauty and The Beast. This they said on the forum Reddit.

As you know, Google Home is a device to control smart house with built-in voice assistant.

According to one user, a promo video was made after he used a function of My Day. It talked about the premiere of the film. The owner of the device is not looking for information about this painting earlier.

New Beauty & the Beast promo is one way Google could monetize Home

— brysonmeunier

Some users say that also heard this movie in Assistant on smartphone.

A Google spokesperson in a conversation with Search Engine Land noted that the movie was not advertising.

We offer our partners to be our guest and share stories via Assistant.

Later, the press service of Google has provided more detailed comments:

This announcement is not an advertisement. It's part of our function My Day, through which we provide users with useful information about the current day. Sometimes it includes the currently relevant content. We continue to experiment with new ways of providing users with unique content. In this case, we could work better.

As noted by the Verge, the Assistant advertising can bring Google extra income, but it can also cause increase bounce rate of user devices.

Google introduced voice Assistant in may 2016. In fact, is more intelligent and advanced version of Google Now.

Until recently, Google Assistant was available only to owners of smart watch Android Wear, Google Home devices and smartphones Google Pixel.

Last month, the voice assistant has become available on smartphones for Android 6.0 and 7.0 Marshmallow Nougat.

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