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YouTube closes annotations

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YouTube announced that on 2 may 2017 to support the annotation editor will be terminated.

As of this date, authors will only be able to delete the created annotations and con not edit them and create new. However, when watching movies on the computer they will remain visible.

The company noted that after the launch of the tips and outro, the use of annotations has been reduced by 70%. It was therefore decided to abandon this tool.

YouTube also believe that tips and outro is best replacement for the annotations. They are visible on all devices, and the annotation – only on desktops.

"Now 60% of viewing time comes from mobile devices. Why then create annotations, if they don't reach more of your audience?", — writes product Manager for YouTube Muli Salem.

In addition, the tips and outro better attract the attention of the audience. Users click on them seven times more frequently than in the annotations. According to statistics, of every 13 annotation goers are switching only one, but many do disable the display of these elements.

Finally, the creation of annotation takes much more time than adding outro. With annotations, many of the authors had difficulties.

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URL parameters of the Google search engine results page
There is a possibility to adjust the results for the base query (which corresponds to the value of the parameter q or as_q ) using a number of get-parameters of the format variable=value used in the URL of the page of search results after the substring /search? . The use of these parameters can be very useful when parsing search results.
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google ir score
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