Google has tightened the rules in relation to external partners

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Google updated the rules of Google Partners. Now they would sanction for misrepresentation. In particular, for providing false information about the company and services, and statements about the possibilities of Google products.

In the industry there are cases when the company received the badge partner of Google, using it for other purposes. For example, a claim of certification in the field of search engine optimization, even though the program applies only to Google AdWords.

Examples of unacceptable statements:

  • You wrongly claim that we are a Google partner.
  • You claim that you can guarantee the placement of the advertisement in the highest position in the search.
  • You contact the advertiser on behalf of the company Google.
  • From your statements it follows that Google provides you special discounts, ensure best prices and allow you to place ads on certain positions.
  • You say you can provide a constant display of ads in Google Search.
  • You are trying to give free Google products for pay.
  • You give incorrect prices for AdWords.
  • You promise the advertiser unrealistic amount of clicks.

In case of non-compliance with rules, Google require the company to correct the violation. If the order is not executed within the allotted period, can be taken additional measures. After repeated or serious violations, the appropriate action can be taken immediately without warning.

In particular, Google may suspend the company's participation in the programs for external partners, to disable or block domain accounts in advertising services.

With the updated rules can be found here.

google partners rules
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