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google site status
Google updated the tool called Safe browsing: website status. He's got a cleaner interface, more friendly text and more accurate results. About it reported in the Google Security blog.
google store visits
Google tracked more than 4 billion of actual visits to shops that took place after viewing the AdWords advertisement. In may 2016 this figure amounted to 1 billion
google launched rich cards
Google launched Rich Cards worldwide. About it reports Search Engine Roundtable.
google podcasts
On the Google Developers site appeared markup for podcasts. With its help it is possible to obtain the Rich Snippet for podcast in the search results. It will include descriptions of the individual episodes and the built-in player.
adwords dsa
Google AdWords announced about the launch of two new options for dynamic search ads: page feeds and support of expanded text ads.
youtube sound
YouTube improved the function of automatic creation of subtitles. Now it will recognize ambient sounds in the video. While it is only about three sound effects include laughter, applause and music. New option is aimed for people with hearing impairments.
google gboard ios
Google updated the search app for iOS, adding to it the built-in keyboard Gboard, a widget with the trending queries and new 3D Touch features.
google site search del
Google automatically determines pages which containing search results and removes them from the index. About it told the representative of the company Gary Illyes.
boycott google
The boycott announced by dozens of major global companies, refusing to place their ads on the Google sites, will cost more than $750 million a year. As reported Business Insider, citing a statement by the analyst of investment bank Nomura, to the above the amount of the loss will be added and costs in the amount of $50 million for the hiring of hundreds additional employees who will need to view and control nationalist and extremist content.
google machine learning
Machine learning and artificial intelligence will not replace all of Google's algorithms. About it, said a company spokesman Gary Illyes at the conference SMX West, held last week. The reason he called the complexity of fixing these processes.