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SEO terms and definitions — B list


Backlinks is a link on another website that leads to any page of your site and affects its popularity.

The more backlinks your website has, the more popular and higher ranked positions in search engines for those key phrases. To obtain backlinks is quite difficult to do this, you must try to make your resource informative, useful and unique.

The number of detected backlinks each search engine can be different and depends on a number of factors (e.g., availability page on this search engines, have links to certain attributes, etc.). The number of backlinks you can look in the panel for webmasters (Google, Yandex).

Analyze backlinks of your competitors, you can determine methods of promotion, promotion effectiveness and to develop a plan for the promotion for website.

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The ban is off site from the search index due to the inconsistency of rules or accidental loss of the website due to the glitches of the search engine (the second is fairly rare).

The ban is usually exposed sites do not bring users to valuable content or contain duplicate content that use black optimization techniques such as hidden text or links.

To avoid ban, you need to care primarily about the site visitors and use only white methods of promotion in search engines. If your site is already banned, and you do not see the reasons, then you need to contact customer support search engines with this question. If the reasons are known, they must first eliminate and then send the website to the recapitulation in the panel for webmasters, and then wait for a response from a few days to 1-2 weeks.

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Bid is the maximum price you are willing to pay the advertiser for a click on their advertising (or Cost Per Millenium) bid is called. Bids come from Internet auctions, where each participant offers a price in order to obtain the desired result. In advertising this result allows the advertiser to be above the rest and thus have a great CTR on your ad.

Bids is also used in freelance when freelancers offer the price at which they are willing to do the work (to design, develop, script, etc.).

Bid means the price offered. In SEO the term Bid is most often used with the purchase of contextual advertising in such services as AdWords or Yandex.Direct, and when the earnings on their sites with AdSense.

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Black List (BL) is a list of sites the purchase of external links which lowers the position of the promoted site in search engines. 

Drawing up black-lists preferably in the case of a promotion by link when the links are purchased automatically in large quantities.

It is well known, many link exchanges provide their clients with special software filters. The user configures a filter and weeds out sites that do not corresponded its chosen strategy of promotion.

Often in the settings of the filters includes the possibility of any addresses of these sites. Use blacklist allows you to quickly configure such filters. In the end, the user receives links only from trust sites.

The selection of sites

Website before inclusion in the blacklist is checked mainly on two parameters. First, the ratio of the number of indexed pages to their total volume of pages. Many indexing pages of the website says about the quality of the site, many not indexed pages says in the search engines indicates about some promblem. If a site contains a hundred pages, but the index fell only ten, the way this site is only to blacklist. Experts argue about what should be the optimal ratio of and opinions different.

Further checked the number of external links on the page. This situation is simpler, because experts seems to be agreed on the optimal number of external links on the page. If the number of links exceeds ten, the site will be logged to blacklist.

In the creation of accurate and informative blacklist very effective through search engines. It is no secret that search engines have maintained their own statistics of bad sites using the filters and sanctions and find problem is not difficult.

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Black Hat SEO

For fast promotion of the website as close to the top of the list of search results without spending a significant amount, some web sites use the so-called black methods of optimization.

Black optimization methods illegal. For them using the search engines put on the website penalties.

Master list of black optimization methods as follows:

  • A single-pixel image. In Black SEO image contains an ALT tag, so search engines can index the image. By itself, this tag is designed to index content. Another thing is that a single-pixel picture neither has absolutely no substance. It is designed to fraudulently increase the visibility of the website. Also it may contain the links. The number of links for search engines increases the importance of the site for search engine system like Google;
  • Redirect. Black SEO use 301 to increase the importance of the site due to the popularity of the other domain. The redirect virus is designed to automatically redirect the visitor to a specified resource;
  • Not the visible text. The task of this method to place in a larger number of links and key phrases. Key phrases and links thoroughly cloaked or very small font or use the font color matching the background of the page;
  • Cloaking. Knowing the crawler crawlers IP address, when trying to index content robot immediately changes content.The method to create two versions of your web pages. One for search engine, complying with all requirements. Another page with great content links for the visitor;
  • The swapping. Create a website useful to users. With the help of legal methods to optimize a website moves up in the list of the search results. As soon as the website was at the top, the content is replaced with content that contains a huge number of links;
  • Doorways. These are the sites which have one page. Generated in large quantity. The purpose of the website automatically redirect the visitor to develop a website optimizer.This way creates the false credibility of the site;
  • Private blog networks. It creates a large number of sites with different subject content. All these sites are connected by links, which as a result raises their credibility.

Google against Black Hats

Search engines are trying to prevent the promotion of sites that are rising due to the above-mentioned methods. Such sites are quickly calculated and removed from the list of search engine on specific time or forever.

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Blogger — blog owner conducting the promotion, content and development of the blog.

Often, the blogger, performs the next functions:

  • Copyrighting;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Management of their blog.

From its successful execution of these functions directly depends on the popularity of the blog.

Successful bloggers in the world today are no less famous than the well-known TV presenters, actors and famous analysts.

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Blogosphere is the totality of all blogs. A lot of blogs, and the blogosphere is one for all.

The blogosphere is a source of information.

The phenomenon. The blogosphere is self-born, virtually controlled and independent information space.

We know that the first blog appeared in 1994. To date, the number of blogs exceeds 133 million

Ethics in the blogosphere

This is the rules:

  • The accuracy of the information published;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Moral principles;
  • Standards.


The blogosphere is developing rapidly due to:

  • The lack of censorship;
  • Speed the dissemination of information;
  • A large number of sources;
  • Anonymity.

The blogosphere in society. There are two popular opinions about the impact of blogosphere on society:

  • Mitigating social tensions;
  • The radicalization of social processes. (No possibility of control over the information that may be incorrect or distorted).
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Bonding sites

Consolidation of several sites which usually mirrors to one site in the search index that is called bonding sites and is one of the key points in SEO. Bonding site can be by automated algorithms of search engines, due to the decision of the moderators of the search engines and by the request of the owner of the sites.

The site owner is interested in joining for sites in the following cases:

  • If need to leave in search results just one of the sites with www or without www. This is usually done via a 301-redirect.
  • There are several websites mirrors and the advantage of one of them should be transferred to another.
  • To hide backli from the competition by promoting non-main mirror or hedging in the event of non-payment by the customer of the work to promote the site.

To glue any two of the website in Google, you can use the file robots.txt include directive the Host at the end of the file.

For Google and other search engines you need to use a 301 redirect. Automatic causes unexpected bonding sites:

  • The sites are identical to each other and the search engine found them mirrors;
  • The search engine is considered two or more sites for affiliate site one owner. This usually only happens with Internet shops and commercial sites;
  • Due to the duplicate content pages. The results will show only more reputable website or source, other sites go under filter duplicate content, and it feels like the pages are stuck together.

For display, you must ensure that in file robots.txt set host directive and sites have different content.

Check out sites on the glue in different ways, depending on the interested search engines. Google has a search operator info.

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Bot (from robot) is a robot search engine, which scans websites, indexing their content. This is an automated script running on a regular schedule.

Search bots have a specific function. Search bots have their own user-agents for which they are easy to identify. For example, there are the bots indexing the text content, video and audio content, images, blog bots, bots for news.

In addition search engines are have other bots whose function is also related work with content.

It can be various services or auto crawlers. Typically bots are intended to do the work monotonous and repeat as fast as possible (obviously far above human capabilities). 

Major malicious bots:

  • Spam bots that collect e-mail addresses from contact forms and guest books; 
  • A program that loads the Internet channel the flow of unnecessary information, usually advertising; 
  • Bots collect information about harmless sites for use automatically generated doorway pages; 
  • Some viruses and worms; 
  • DoS and DDoS attack; 
  • Botnets.

For the search bots to limit the indexing of the site by using the file robots.txt however, some unscrupulous bots can ignore the existence of the file. Full protection from indexation can be secured by other mechanisms, for example, by using the htaccess file.

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Breadcrumbs is part of the navigation on the website that shows part of the structure and nesting of the page on which the user is located. Often, the bread crumbs look like a path from website root to the current viewed document.

Where are the bread crumbs use. Navigation of this type is not always used. Site owners with a convenient, clear structure and good navigation menu often does not put them or don't even know what bread crumbs. Such sites may have a small number of pages or well-structured sections. If any page of the site accessible in two clicks from the homepage – breadcrumbs are not required.

Yet, often bread crumbs are used on:

  • Online stores.
  • Forums.
  • Websites with poor navigation (when the navigation bar has all the links to the sections or in the footer).
  • Sites without a map.

Site map often replaces breadcrumbs, if it is properly designed (I mean the html map, not the file sitemap.xml for search engines). This page should have links to all major sections that will allow the user to easily navigate and search for information.

On forums and online stores bread crumbs – a mandatory attribute.

Usually breadcrumbs are placed in the block of content below the header and before displaying page content. In that location breadcrumbs are the most visible and convenient. Less crumbs are located at the end of the output content before the reviews.

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Web browser is application software used for browsing web pages, computer files, catalogs. Using this software, you can manipulate a web application to view the contents of web documents and to solve problems. Many browsers are used to exchange files with servers

Browsers also can be used to view file content in graphical, audio, video and text formats. On the Internet they are used to request, process, manage and display your content web-sites. For most users, the question of what the browser is basic. Because it is an essential feature of the Internet.

The developers of the different browsers based on different processing methods, most manufacturers comply with international standards and adheres to the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium. The organization develops a unified working principles for the Internet.

Currently, the list of the most popular browsers include:

  • Edge;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Opera;
  • Safari.

Basically, browsers are free. They can be supplied either as a standalone application, or as part of bundled software.

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The term bug has roots in american slang - bag, which means a defect or deficiency in the equipment. In SEO and web development is a defect in the site or some sort of algorithm.

Examples of the use of bug in the communication:

  • Found a dozen of bugs on the website. Means that someone found a critical failure that must be rectified immediately.
  • In Yandex big bug in the results when you type tags into the search form. This means that the search algorithm of Yandex had a bad reaction to the user's query and gave unexpected results.
  • BuggyContent Management System. Means that the CMS is to create a website (blog, forum) is full of faults and its use is not recommended.

By size, bugs are divided into three types:

  • Minor bugs.
  • Serious error.
  • Showstoppers.

Regarding the frequency of its appearance bugs are divided into:

  • permanent;
  • episodic;
  • those that appear only on the client machine.
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Buying Links

Buying links in SEO is the placement at the site of the owner of the website inbound links for a fee (fixed or monthly) for SEO goals.

The process of buying links is a search and contact the owners of specific resources, which in the opinion of the optimizer is advantageous to place the external link to up site on the desired keyword in the search engine results.

Search webmasters can be done in various ways:

  • through thematic directories; 
  • search by a particular key; 
  • via the link exchanges; 
  • through friends and acquaintances; 
  • via forums, social networks and other thematic groups.

Links is an integral part of website promotion.

The link price will depend on different factors. Basically these factors are: the number of external links on the page where will be placed link and the page rank indicators or traffic.

Buying links normally occur for SEO goals, that is for search bots but not users. Good links my attract a very large number of target audience to your resource.

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