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Link Baiting term explained

Linkbaiting is content writing on the website to force receive different kinds of links to your site. Well-known marketer Matt Cutts gave a definition that linkbaiting can be called all that is interesting and will attract more audience to the website. Recently, this marketing method is gaining momentum and is becoming a popular and powerful form among marketers. The content of linkbaiting can log all that it can to attract the attention of users: graphical slides, colorful images and video, and various audio.

Types of linkbaiting

There are many different types. The main and most influential ones are:

  • Information bait (this could include the information that the user will be hard to find on other website. For example, advice that is rarely where you will meet, or important information);
  • News bait on the website (it is updated information, which will be interesting);
  • Evil bait (this technique involves the information that would be disgusting, but it definitely can attract people's attention and therefore, this method is less effective);
  • Humorous bait (placing the content in any of the cartoons or funny stories that will attract attention);
  • Unique content (it is an interesting and probably the biggest for the dissemination of the bait. This method is for those users who will need unique content, or for those who want to earn through AdSense. If you write completely unique content then you will be able to offer it to bloggers who are happy to place it);
  • Bait widget (method lies in the fact that you are creating a tool that wants to post on other sites);
  • Infographic method (in the method include text links with the use of graphics that attract attention).

Elements for linkbaiting

  • Header — this includes all work on the development and creation of a unique header that can interest the user and to gain attention.
  • Information — all the information that you are getting ready to host should be interesting and definitely unique, which cannot be found on other sites;
  • Design— on this item, you need as much work. The first thing that users see when they come to your website is its design. It must be comfortable and private for website. He in any case should not be similar to the design of another site.
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