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Long Tail term explained

Long Tail keywords is a search requests with low demand. Long Tail keywords consist of several words or phrases. Basically, these queries are selected according to the principle: one page – one request. Long Tail keywords can bring the site up to 1,000 users per month.

The value of Long Tail keywords for SEO

In the matter of website promotion, Long Tail keywords have a quite noticeable effect. What is the advantage of using them over the midrange and high-frequency keywords:

  • Competition. Compared to midrange and high-frequency queries, the bass is not very competitive, and promote the site in such words is not difficult;
  • Easy. The output of the page in the TOP search engines, in many cases, you can make a simple website optimization. In the case of high competition enough there's a couple of links to other resources;
  • Effect. Low-frequency queries attract an extremely targeted audience of users and potential customers. Sometimes, the number of visitors accessing the website on such requests is much greater than the number of transitions to high-demand. The queries provide a significant increase in attendance;
  • Cost. Every optimizer knows that site promotion is not a cheap pleasure. Promote low-frequency queries allows to reduce the costs to a minimum.

A small budget for promotion enables companies to get on the first page of search results.

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