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SEO Terms — 10


MF (middle frequency) is keywords cross between LF and HF. For example: the keyword seo is high frequency and seo blog is already middle frequency.

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MFA is a site called websites that were created to accommodate and earnings on advertising (Made For Ads or Made For AdSense).

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Microformat is a way of marking web pages on the basis of adopted standards.

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Midrange keywords

Midrange keywords a key phrase that is used with a frequency of from 1000 to 10000 in a month. Accurate no boundaries — the frequency is determined approximately.

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A full copy of the site on another (not main) domain. A copy of the site occurs as a result of the transfer of the site to a new domain or for reasons of load distribution on servers. The site copy is called a mirror of the main site.

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Monetization is the process of making profit from the Internet resource.

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Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a decrease document items in search results for certain keywords. Sites decrease automatically or manually by reason of violation of the rules of the search engines.

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Obfuscation of code is reduction of code size, keeping functionality, but complicate the analysis of code and understanding algorithms.

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Onapge ranking factors — criteria search engines, influencing the Google search engine results page.

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Optimizer — a person engaged in SEO website optimization.

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