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CPM term explained

Cost per mille or abbreviation CPM is an index that is used to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and shows the cost of thousands of contacts audience (listeners, readers or viewers).

The peculiarities and the efficiency of the CPM. A feature of the CPM ratio is the versatility, since this indicator enables the assessment of all types of media. CPM enables the assessment of economic efficiency depending on the final result, which is characterized by the number of contacts that are received by the owner on the results of the advertising campaign or other media events. In addition, thanks to this indicator it becomes possible to select the most effective method of marketing because CPM allows you to evaluate their performance from an economic point of view.

The value of the indicator allows to assess the value of impact on the target audience through specific events. The efficiency is higher the smaller the value of this indicator. In email marketing, CPM allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of each siteThe analysis takes into consideration not only the number of contacts, but the time in which they occur. In this regard, there is a possibility of evaluation and analysis of each campaign and its duration.

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