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CPS term explained

CPS – an abbreviated acronym for Cost Per Sale. In SEO under this abbreviation refers to the advertising model when the website owner to be paying for the posted link, which was used by the user when performing a certain action. Also for term CPS, can be caleld PPS – Pay per Sale.

This model to be one of the types of affiliate programs. The original appearance of this model of partnership, provided for the establishment of the so-called affiliate storefronts.

The functioning of the model CPS

To implement the partnership model, on the customer's website banner block has a special algorithm that tracks with which the resource was produced by transition, which was preceded by an active action of the user.

A fact which confirms the activity of the user is committing such actions as:

  • Any action confirming the intention of the client (registration, add to cart, and so on);
  • Carrying out a partial or full payment or advance payment for goods or service.

When implementing this model of partnership used such approaches as:

  • Fixed payment for moving the link, which ended with the active user action;
  • A percentage of sales made after clicking on the link by the user.

With the development of Internet Commerce this partnership model has gained increasingly widespread. And it's actively used by most Internet resources.

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