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CTB term explained

CTB (click to buy ratio) - is the ratio of a certain number of visitors to take any action on the site to the total number of visitors.

Use this figure to calculate the coefficient of performance of the advertising company.

The user action may include such as:

  • registration on the website;
  • visit the specific pages or links of website;
  • indicating their contact details;
  • making a call on the mobile phone;
  • ordering of goods or services;
  • payment or prepayment, full or partial.

Calculation of CTB

CTB calculation by the following formula CTB = CA/CG

Ca - number of users have made the necessary actions for the resource owner.

Cg – the number of users who clicked on the link.

It should be noted that this figure allows us to estimate the effect of advertising campaigns in a very approximate manner, because the active user actions provides a variety of other factors, such as site design, usability, the adequacy of the price, effective advertising and the like. Therefore, CTB, more correctly, be attributed to indicators which assess the overall effect of the carried out marketing and optimization work.

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