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Conversion term explained

The ratio of the number of visitors to the site who commits any targeted action to the total number of visitors is called conversion. Targeted actions may include: check-in service, call, buy (order) product, newsletter subscription, add the site to your bookmarks, file downloading, etc.

In different cases the conversion is different and every optimization aims to increase this parameter. Conversion increased due to the improvement usability site design, improve the quality of the landing page and other factors. Also to increase conversion, use:

  • Placing the exact key phrase entered by the user in a search form on a landing page; 
  • Bright highlighted the benefits for visitors of your product; 
  • Themed images, with which you can quickly determine what will be discussed on the page. 
  • The lack of distractions, those that can distract the visitor from buying; 
  • Short paragraphs, reading that you can immediately understand the essence of the content; 
  • Short and well-marked headings. 
  • A call to action; 
  • Important information should be in the visible part of the screen (before scrolling.

The conversion of the number of visitors who came and performed some operation (created, clicked on the advertisement, signed up, bought the goods, etc.) to the total number of visitors to the site. This figure is calculated as a percentage

The conversion occurs in three major areas:

  • In sales (number of customers who bought a product to number of visitors or businesses);
  • Ad conversion (the ratio of impressions of the advertising information to the ratio of the responding customers);
  • Internet marketing (the number of guests on the site, which produced a useful action to the number of those who visited the website).

The conversion provides information on how to successfully use marketing efforts to attract visitors and the efforts of the enrichment site – news, shop - new prestige products. However, the main thing is sales.

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