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Cloaking term explained

Method of black hat search engine optimization of the site when visitors and search engines at the same address see different content on the page.

Cloaking is useful when need to show their desired content, human readable and credible for users, but provide SEO optimized page, the most relevant for keywords for search engines.

Thus, it is possible to achieve a good position without restricting yourself to the beauty of the design.

Implement cloaking is possible using htaccess file directly or using script code. In any case, you must be able to distinguish between IP addresses a search bot from other addresses using IP addresses lists of search engines.

Most search engines (Google, Bing) are struggling with cloaking as dishonest reception of promotion of sites and lower sites in the search engine results page.

When you use cloaking methods or close to it, it should be remembered that the reason for the ban site is an attempt to deceive the search engine. If you primarily care about the user, ban the site for the use of cloaking is unlikely.

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