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Cookies term explained

Cookies (Cookies) is a tool to remember previously visited web sites. Created solely for the convenience of users of the Internet. Using Cookies, sites personification, collecting attendance statistics, and providing a variety of preferences, even to the choice of design.


Cookies was developed in the mid 90-ies of the last century the Corporation of Netscape competing with Microsoft to create browser-based programs. Cookies were developed for one specialized commercial project. However, successful development has led to a significant expansion of the use of Cookies. With early support Cookies the most popular Internet Explorer triumphantly marched on the planet, which caused the dissatisfaction of some state structures, primarily in the United States.

A period of persecution

Mostly Cookies were accused in the fact that they can be easily used to breach of confidentiality, interfering in the personal lives of users. In 1996 and 1997 in the United States was even adopted restrictive regulations for Cookies. However, the persecution of Cookies was only part of the overall concerns of violation of privacy the development of the Internet in General. Cookies have become an integral part of using the world wide web.

Debunking myths. Fears the use of Cookies was based on the elementary ignorance of the specifics of this tool. Users with the filing of the incompetent media has gained confidence in the fact that Cookies are similar to software that collects information about the user's computer and transferring them to the site. It took a lot of time to this misconception was dispelled. Cookies are not a program, and text information on the site, which was previously entered by the user. If some mistakenly believe Cookies and virus, then this virus, so to speak, on the contrary – the website does not read information from the computer, and he shares his data with the user's machine.

Advantages Of Cookies. In most cases, the use of Cookies free the user from performing a large number of routine operations when visiting the same web resource, for example, when making purchases in the same online stores. If someone is afraid of Cookies, almost all browsers enable you to delete Cookies after the session on this website.

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