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CPC term explained

CPC (cost per click) - is the amount that is paid for user clicks on paid search, after which a visitor reaches the advertised web resource or one of its pages.

CPC paid by the advertiser to the website owner.

It seems that placing ads on your site, you will start to receive money immediately. But not so easy, because a lot profit from the CPC site owner with little attendance will not earn.

Average CPC is ten cents.To the advertising material on your web-site and it started to generate income, you need to bring the site into a form that could be interested in the advertiser. Many information portals, file sharing is working on by CPC.

For what pay

Advertiser's always nice to get the best results for advertising, so it is not surprising increase CPC, provided that the user is on the site will perform any action. Due to the fact that user activity is high, the price per click can reach tens of cents, and sometimes tens dollars.

CPC and search engines

Model pay-per-click is the main means of monetizing search engines. The search engines show ads next to organic search results, what is the best option, as the ads will be well to answer users ' questions, thereby increasing the chance for a click. In addition, search engines place the advertisers ads on sites-partners of their ad networks, which further increases the audience coverage. And as ads on partner sites are displayed either on the subject of the resource or relating to a user interested in lately the likelihood of a click is also quite large.

The issue price

Many webmasters, when they thought about this method of earnings, very inspired. Of course! Hang an advertising banner on their site, do nothing and money! Well, isn't this tempting? Hurry to clarify. The income from the CPC that gets the owner of the new yet an unknown site miserable. The market price of a click is, on average, a few cents and rarely more than ten.

Special conditions

The advertiser interested in obtaining the maximum effect from advertising. The advertiser is preferable that the user just went to his website, and and performed there any action, for instance, registered. For the execution of user actions, the advertiser pays more. Quite a lot of money for clicks pay online shopping, if the user is logged in as a buyer.

High paying clicks, after which the user is active on the advertised website, forcing webmasters to encourage visitors to your website to perform actions on the advertiser's site. Thus, the advertised site gets additional promotion.

Search Engines and CPC

Search engines do not prevent to earn to webmasters, but also to perceive the banner as an outlink for ranking do not intend too. A lot more Link Juice for search engine optimization have text links and not banners.

Therefore, the calculation of some of the optimizers, hang banners all over the Internet hoping to get a great Link Juice, are not met.

With optimization of the website CPC is associated indirectly. 

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