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Copyright term explained

Copyright — form of protection of intellectual property, which occurs immediately after the creation of the work and does not require official registration or registration. In other words, what is copyright is the recognition of a copyright in their work, whether it is text, melody, program, photograph, painting, etc. In the United States are given the opportunity to register their rights to property. Copyright does not cover ideas, directories, processes, principles, etc.

There is a copyright symbol — ©, which identifies and marks the protection of copyright . In 1952 was adopted by the world (Geneva) Convention on copyright, which suggests the following procedure for the designation of protection of exclusive rights of authorship:

  • the sign of protection copyright © — the Latin letter "c" in a circle;
  • the name of the owner;
  • the year of first publication.

The owners of the sites in this designation at the bottom of the page, claim the right of ownership to the content posted on the resource. I.e., to copy and use materials from this site without permission of the owner of the site is prohibited.

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